About The Experience

First and foremost thank you for taking the time to visit and “My Intention” is to share my experience of BEING MIKE which is doing what I love best without limitation or expectation.

Currently living in Barcelona pursuing a dream and following my heart by rolling the D.I.C.E

and taking a gamble.

Discovery.Imagination.Creativity.Ego (Migueli)

Discovery.Insight.Consistency.Education (Makious)

The analogy behind The Being Mike Experience would be welcoming you to my home.

If you can imagine a 2 bed apartment with 2 flatmates this is where Migueli and Makious live.

They are twins and take different directions in life based on the lifestyle and people they have connected with on their journey.

This is an example of The Being Mike Experience.

In Migueli´s room you will find all the visual aspects that have inspired his style and individuality.

He has a skateboard, a wardrobe filled with stylish and colourful fashion pieces from his favorite brands, He listens to Hip Hop and UK Grime which has influence his style too. He is also a big fan or Artwork and Tattoos so his walls are filled with creative pieces anything from Marvel Comic Superheroes to Digital Art Prints. His shoe collection are Vans, Converse, Radii and Toms and he has a headwear rack with Snapbacks/Strapbacks.

He loves Fashion, Arts and Music and they have played a huge part in his satisfaction and expression. In his cupboard and fridge you will find junk food, soft drinks, alcohol, takeaways and desserts,

On the other side the the home you have Makious.

Makious appreciates the simplicity that life has to offer and is a more humble and calm individual.

Makious likes writing poetry and is in touch with his spiritual side. More drawn towards spoken word, meditation, jazz and blues, deep house.

His room is simple with blk and white photos, shelves filled with books and organic materials.

His wardrobe has blk and white clothing only made with organic cotton and bamboo, scarves and headwraps. His inspiration comes from knowledge of self, practicing The Power of NOW, Listening to Abraham Hicks and The Secret. He focuses his energy on the law of attraction and giving back to the world. He loves to travel and soak in the experience of nature.

Makious Eats Organic foods, freshly made Juices and Water.

Now there is Mike Lawson. I am the Landlord and the story I share is having a healthy balance of the 2 by Rolling the D.I.C.E.S and taking a gamble in life.  Living your Dreams (Migueli) Following your Heart (Makious).

I believe we all have 2 sides but we express ourselves differently depending on our influences.


The brand Migueli Makious Merchandise takes you on a journey they both lead and aims to inspire those who relate to the paths they have chosen.


Welcome to my home.

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